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Guidelines for Tracker Allowed Directory Syncronization

bnbt.cfg notes

  • parse_allowed_interval must be nonzero so that the allowed torrents list will update automatically.
  • keeping the parse_allowed_interval under 10 minutes will keep torrents well syncronized.

Software Notes

  • The recommended software to keep trackers syncronized is rsync.
  • rsync is included by default in many linux distributions, and is available for windows via the cwRsync project
  • Scheduling rsync syncronizes to be the same as the parse_allowed_interval is recommended for ideal syncronization
  • rsync tunneling options include Secure SHell and The Onion Router
    • rsync over TOR requires the use of socat
    • socat will compile on cygwin and function properly
    • Running socat hidden using the well-known "hidden run" program preloaders will ensure that batch files configured to launch socat shortly before rsync will function properly (as socat does not default to running in the background)
    • Binding socat's listener to will ensure that no programs external to the tracker system will attempt to access the tunnel.
  • For scheduled syncronization on Windows, a special task must be made to properly syncronize on a timer shorter than 1 day.

Ways to Syncronize

  • There are two major ways to syncronize a tracker network.
  1. All torrent uploads go to a central server. All leaf trackers download from there.
  2. Torrent uploads are permitted on any leaf tracker. The leaf trackers upload and download updates from a central server.

Concerns with each syncronization method

Central Server Syncronization concerns

  • This is the most efficient method.
  • Torrent uploaders need only upload to the central server.
  • All trackers syncronize automatically from it.
  • The maximum delay for enabling of a torrent is 2 allowed directory parse cycles.
  • Addition of new trackers to the rotation is fairly easy, especially when a download-time editor is used to automatically update the announce-list.
  • When the central system is offline is when the biggest problems occur, as most upload and content are unavailable.

Server Cross-Updating concerns

  • Torrent uploaders need only upload to one tracker
  • That tracker uploads new torrents to the central server
  • The remainin trackers download from the central server.
  • Maximum delay for enabling of a torrent is 4 allowed directory parse cycles.
  • Addition of new trackers to the rotation can be difficult, depending on the configuration differences between the trackers.

Please note that although the Cross-Updating method appears to be the most reliable, it is also quite difficult to maintain, as the announce-list for torrents needs to be updated on ALL trackers instead of just one.