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BNBT Core Integrated functions and their relative access URLs (to the root of the tracker's web interface):

  • /admin.html - Administration Functions
  • /info.html - Basic Tracker Information
  • /index.html - Tracker Primary Interface
  • /signup.html - User Signup Interface
  • /upload.html - Torrent Upload Interface
  • /stats.html - Individual Torrent Statistics Interface
  • /login.html - Log In/Out Interface (Links to this are automatically generated)
  • /users.html - User Administration Interface
  • /torrent.html or /torrents/ - Torrent Download Interface. (Only works when enabled, links to this are automatically generated)
  • /comments.html - Comments Interface. (Only works when enabled)
  • /info.bencode - Bencoded tracker information, useful for displaying stats on an external webpage.