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BNBT was written by Trevor Hogan. BNBT is a complete port of the original Python BitTorrent tracker to C++ for speed and efficiency. BNBT also offers many additional features beyond the original Python BitTorrent tracker, plus it's easy to use and customizable. BNBT is covered under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Special thanks to,

   * Marc Niegowski - for the Base64 algorithm.
   * Dominik Reichl - for the SHA1 hash algorithm.
   * ConfusedFish - for help with zlib, NT Services, and more.
   * Richard Stanway - for help with the Linux port.
   * Scott Casey - for testing and for running the first BNBT tracker ever.
   * Shawn Holwegner - for help with the OS X port.
   * Dariusz A. Prugar - for rigorous testing.
   * Trinity - for several useful HTML suggestions and for maintaining the BNBT EasyTracker.
   * Harold Feit - for tons of misc. suggestions and for maintaining CBTT.
   * labarks - for the RSS code.
   * Brian Dessent - for help with Makefiles and other oddities.
   * Alex Leverington - for help with PHP and for the original BNBTPHP code base.
   * Bram Cohen - for BitTorrent.

Development Discussion can be found at the BNBT Forums.

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