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  • Support for single and multi file torrents
  • Support to exclude files by extension or name (common thumbnail files are hardcoded to be excluded regardless of exclusion settings)
  • Automatic and manual piece size selection.
  • Support for the following optional hashes per file:
    • CRC32
    • MD5
    • ED2K (Segmented MD4)
    • Tiger Tree
    • SHA1
  • Support to generate external hash files when the above hashes are enabled.
  • Support to add webseeds to a torrent (webseeds must be configured using the WebSeedAdder application, works when the configuration file for WebSeed Adder is in the same directory as TorrentBuild)
  • FULL multitracker support. (Local Mirror with some clarifications)
  • Support to set the "Private" torrent flag to disable DHT in supporting clients.
  • Blank announce urls for specific tracker configurations and trackerless. (March 7, 2006 Build)
  • Files in Nested Folders support (September 19, 2009 build)

Automatic Piece Sizes

  • Files up to 50MiB: 32KiB piece size
  • Files 50MiB to 150MiB: 64KiB piece size
  • Files 150MiB to 350MiB: 128KiB piece size
  • Files 350MiB to 512MiB: 256KiB piece size
  • Files 512MiB to 1.0GiB: 512KiB piece size
  • Files 1.0GiB to 2.0GiB: 1024KiB piece size
  • Files 2.0GiB and up: 2048KiB piece size

Planned Features

  • Support for multithreaded piece hashing (to improve hashing performance)
    • Low Priority - Hashing is still bordering on hard drive bound on RAID0 multi-drive arrays.
  • Support to enter in values for the "nodes" key (DHT Network Entry Points)
  • Support to have "templates" based on previously used settings.
  • Migration to C++/wxWidgets


  • September 16, 2009 build
    • Rebuilt to work on Vista (tested on 64-bit)
    • Updated hashing libraries to use unsigned integers when appropriate
  • November 10, 2005 build
    • (Possibly) Fixed issues relating to optional hashes
    • Fixed issue with advanced settings window crashing the application on second open of the window.

Known Issues

  • Requires Regional settings "Select a language to match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use" setting to be set to an English language.
  • Confirmed problem Languages:
    • Japanese
  • Does not support nesting of folders. (Solved - September 19, 2009 build)
  • May have problems with optional hashes ( Oct 10, 2005 build ).



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