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Depthstrike Entertainment Tracker Network Infrastructure

  • The Depthstrike Entertainment Tracker network consists of 5 trackers (As of April 19, 2006).
  • These trackers are hosted on separate upstream providers to provide maximum coverage.
  • Because of the separated infrastructure, it is possible for up to four of the five trackers to be offline at a time and still act as if the tracker is online.
  • If your client claims "Tracker Down" you are most likely using a banned version of Shareaza.
  • The Depthstrike Entertainment Homepage has an at-a-glance summary of tracker status. Unless all the trackers list as "Offline/Overloaded" do NOT complain about the tracker being down. If even ONE of them says "Online" that means the tracker is UP.
  • When an uptime monitor for a tracker shows "site under monitoring" its uptime since uptime has begun tracking is less than 90%. This usually only occurs on new trackers or in the early stages of tracker uptime monitoring.
  • The tracker network hub can be offline and not affect download operations. Don't assume that just because the network hub is down that the tracker network is down.