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Unauthorized Posting reporting procedures


Note: Only the copyright holder or their legal representative may report a violation. If, under investigation, we find that neither the copyright holder nor their legal representative is making the report, the posts in question will NOT be removed from the forums.

  1. E-mail copyright-violation@depthstrike.com with the violation template completed.
  2. Ensure that the e-mail is signed with a digitally encrypted signature. GNU Privacy Guard or PGP can be used to generate such a signature on e-mail.
  3. Wait for a signed response from a Depthstrike Entertainment representative informing you that we are reviewing the material in question.
  4. If, under review, an individual work is not found to be in violation of copyright, that work will not be removed from the forums, regardless of the number of works posted by that individual that have been reported.

Violation Template

{Date and Time of e-mail in Year-Month-Day 24-hour format}

Reporting of copyright violation on Depthstrike Entertainment Forums - FanFiction Section.
Attention: Depthstrike Entertainment Administrative Team.

{Real Name}

I {Real Name} am e-mailing Depthstrike Entertainment to inform them of a potential
copyright violation. The works posted by {Forum Name of the poster} are not owned
by that individual.

{Links to violating works}
{Links to original works (must have date entries posted clearly and visibly)}