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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is µTorrent:FAQ.

µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint (105KB). It can be downloaded from http://utorrent.com.



What are µTorrent's system requirements?

Very low. It works on as weak a system as Windows 95 on a 486 with 14MB of RAM (with the Winsock2 update), up to 2003 and Vista. It is reported to work on 64-bit Windows, too.

It's reported to work under Cedega and Wine, with fairly severe graphical glitches.

Is µTorrent open source?

No, it is not. µTorrent will remain closed source as long as it can be supported by ludde and vurlix. This may change if there comes a time where they can no longer develop or provide support for µTorrent.

Is there a Linux or Mac version?

The Mac version is being worked on by Serge Paquet (vurlix). A Linux version is planned for the future.

How do I make µTorrent prioritize the first and last piece?

µTorrent does this automatically.

How do I make µTorrent allocate and zero all the files when I start the torrent?

Turn on "Pre-allocate disk space" in Torrent Options.

Is it possible to make uTorrent load a torrent from the commandline?

Yes. The syntax is as follows for multi-file torrents only: uTorrent.exe /directory "C:\Save Path" "D:\Some folder\your.torrent"

You must not have a trailing backslash in the save path, else µTorrent will fail to load it. At the moment, you must specify the save filename for single-file torrents, but this will be changed to become automatic in the future. For now, the syntax is:

uTorrent.exe /directory "C:\Save Path\The Save File.ext" "D:\Some folder\your.torrent"

How can I add other columns of info?

Right click on the column (either on the main section of the window, Files, or Peers tab), and check the columns you want to add or remove.

How can I quickly change the upload and download caps?

You can right click on U: or D: in the status bar to do this. Alternatively, you can set it in Network Options.

How can I change the values in the right click menu for upload/download?

See What do all those advanced settings do?

How can I make µTorrent stop seeding at a specific share ratio?

Go to Seeding Priority in the options, set the ratio/time you want, check the box next to "Limit the upload rate to" and write 0. If you simply want to allocate less bandwidth, use a non-zero value. If you want seeding to take priority over downloading, turn on "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks", which will make your downloads get queued.

Can µTorrent automatically move files when the torrent finishes?

Yes, you can set this in Folder Options. It can move it to another folder, or to another partition.

What do all these BitTorrent terms mean, such as seeder, snubbed, etc?

See BTFAQ.com's Definitions of BitTorrent Terms

What do all those flags in the Flags column mean?

  • D = Currently downloading (interested and not choked)
  • d = Your client wants to download, but peer doesn't want to send (interested and choked)
  • U = Currently uploading (interested and not choked)
  • u = Peer wants your client to upload, but your client doesn't want to (interested and choked)
  • O = Optimistic unchoke
  • S = Peer is snubbed
  • I = Incoming connection
  • X = Peer is unchoking your client, but your client is not interested
  • ? = Your client unchoked the peer but the peer is not interested

See this page for definitions of BitTorrent terms

What does the universal "NO" symbol mean on the torrent status icons?

This indicates that µTorrent was not able to reach the tracker. This could happen when the tracker goes offline, becomes overloaded, or when the domain simply doesn't exist anymore. Check Tracker Status on the General tab to see what the exact error message is.

What do all those colors in the Pieces tab mean?

  • Dark blue means the data is downloaded and written to disk.
  • Medium blue means the data is downloaded but still in the cache.
  • Light blue means the data has been requested from one peer.
  • Green means the data has been requested from multiple peers (only in endgame mode).

What do the colors in the files tab mean?

Blue means the data has been written to disk. Green means the piece is being actively downloaded.

What does Wasted and hashfails mean?

Wasted shows a combination of discarded data and bad data. Discarded data is data that's sent to you by a peer that your client didn't want. Hashfails happen when bad data is received and the piece fails the integrity check.

What does availability mean?

That number tells you how many unique copies of the file are available between yourself and the peers you're connected to. If this is less than 1, you most likely will not be able to complete the torrent. The only thing you can do is wait and hope a seeder hops onto the torrent to allow you to complete it. You can also try and request a "reseed" on the tracker's forum. Sometimes, this may never happen because the torrent was abandoned, and you may need to find the torrent elsewhere.

How is the share ratio shown for torrents that are started fully complete?

It starts at 0.000 instead of inf to give you an estimate of how much of the file has been distributed. It is file size / amounted uploaded.

What is the Logger tab and what does it do?

The logger tab has useful information. When logging is disabled, it shows hash fails and on which torrent they happened. Right click and you can turn on Log Peer Traffic (Verbose has additional information), though this is generally useless and a slight waste of resources, so it's not recommended to turn on unless you're troubleshooting. Dump DHT Buckets/Tracked give detailed information about DHT.

What is that magnifying glass and box for?

That is µTorrent's search bar. Click on the magnifying glass to select what site you want to search on, then type what you want to search for and press enter. This will launch your browser. You can add and remove sites to the list by going to Other Options and editing the Search Engines box.


Does µTorrent support DHT or Peer Exchange?

As of version 1.2, µTorrent supports DHT, but not Peer Exchange. It does respect the private flag.

See What is DHT? if you don't know what DHT is.

Does µTorrent support UNC-style paths (e.g. //$/ ) / network drives?

It doesn't support UNC-style paths yet, but you can still save files to a network drive with this workaround. Simply map the remote path to a drive letter and it will work. In Explorer\My Computer, go to Tools -> Map Network Drive to do this.

Does µTorrent have Unicode support?

At the moment it does not, but it is planned for the near future. A temporary fix is to use AppLocale (Windows XP only) and set it to the language required.

Does µTorrent support multi-tracker torrents?

Yes. µTorrent currently announces to all tracker groups at the same time, but only one tracker per torrent group. To see the trackers in the torrent, simply double click on it, or right click and select Properties. Trackers separated by an empty line indicate they are in separate tracker groups. (Multitracker Details)

Does µTorrent support UPnP (Universal Plug'n'Play)?

Yes, for Windows XP/2003 only. You can turn it on in Network Options. If it works, you'll see UPnP(port) in the status bar. If it works properly, then you should see UPnP(port) OK once you receive an incoming connection. If it never tacks on OK after running torrents for a while, it most likely means that something went wrong, usually a software firewall blocking incoming connections. If all else fails, the port may still have to be forwarded manually. See How do I forward ports? for an explanation of what UPnP is for and other info related to forwarding ports.

Does µTorrent support RSS feeds?

It doesn't yet, but the feature is planned for addition in the near future.

Does µTorrent support Super Seeding mode?

Yes, it does. Double click on the torrent and check the Super-Seeding box to turn it on. For an explanation of what Super-Seeding is, read this page

Does µTorrent support endgame mode?

Yes, it automatically goes into this mode when the pieces remaining are all being actively downloaded. This mode helps make getting the last pieces of the file take much less time than normal.

Does µTorrent allow selective file downloading?

Yes, left click on the torrent, then click on the Files tab. Select the file(s) you want to change the priority of and set them to "Don't Download." You may have to press F5 to make the Detailed Info section, which has the tabs, show up.

Does µTorrent support Manual Announce?

Yes, right click on the torrent and select "Update Tracker". It is the same function under a different name.

Does µTorrent support HTTPS (SSL) or UDP trackers?

At the moment it does not, but this functionality is planned for the future.

Does µTorrent support trackerless torrents?

Yes, it does. However, the torrent creator cannot make trackerless torrents. You cannot use Magnet URIs to download a torrent, though the function is planned planned for the future. A temporary workaround for the torrent creator is to create a torrent with a bogus tracker URL, such as http://1/, and distribute this torrent for others to use.

Is there any foreign language support for µTorrent?

Yes, you can get the language file from uTorrent.com's download page. Simply drop the .lang file into %AppData%\uTorrent. µTorrent should automatically change to your system language once you restart it. If it doesn't, open the Options, go to General Options, and select your language from the drop down list.


Does µTorrent install itself?

No, it is a stand-alone application. However, on first run, it will ask if you would like to make shortcuts on your start menu and desktop.

Where are the settings and .torrent files stored?

They are stored in %AppData%\uTorrent. The .torrent files you load are stored there so uTorrent can keep track of your torrents.

How do I uninstall µTorrent?

Delete the exe. If you're concerned about the settings being left on your PC, delete the folder uTorrent in %AppData%.

How can I use µTorrent on a USB key or other removable drive?

Simply copy settings.dat to the same folder as uTorrent.exe, and you're done.

How can I change the system tray icon / GUI icon for µTorrent?

Put tray.ico (for the tray) and main.ico (for the GUI) in %AppData%\uTorrent. You must restart µTorrent for this to take effect. There are a selection of icons on the User Interface Design section of the µTorrent forums.

Can I change µTorrent's skin?

Visit the User Interface Design section of the µTorrent forums for skins and instructions on creating your own. To use them, place them in %AppData%\uTorrent and restart µTorrent.


Does µTorrent work well on Windows XP SP2 systems with an unpatched TCPIP.sys?

Yes, as of version 1.2, µTorrent will do 8 connection attempts by default to work with the 10 connection attempt limit on these systems. If you would still like to patch it, you can do so with LvlLord's Event ID 4226 Patcher:

However, you should never set it higher than 100!

Help! µTorrent is sending e-mails/accessing the web/etc!

This is a false positive 99% of the time. Occasionally, peers use common service ports, such as 25, 80, and so on to bypass restrictions they may have on their ISP. The only exception is on start-up, where µTorrent loads a page on uTorrent.com to check for the latest version. This functionality can be disabled in the Options, on the General Options section: "Check for updates automatically."

My firewall is reporting connections being made by µTorrent on a port besides the one I selected. What gives?

Only incoming connections use the port you selected in µTorrent. Outgoing connections use a random local port; this is simply the way TCP/IP functions. It's not a bug.

What does NAT Error mean?

See the question below.

Why are my torrents going so slow?

Most likely, the port you set for µTorrent is not forwarded. If µTorrent is displaying "NAT Error", then this is the case. There is also the possibility that the torrent is simply slow, especially those with small swarms (low numbers of seeders/peers). It is also possible that your firewall is blocking connections for µTorrent. Make sure you set an exception for incoming and outgoing connections for µTorrent in your firewall's configuration!

How do I forward ports?

This is beyond the scope of this FAQ, but PortForward should have the information you require. TCP forwarding is required at minimum, UDP is only used for DHT at the moment. You can verify if the forwarding works on BTFAQ's NatCheck. It requires you to have a torrent running, however. Alternatively, if you are on Windows XP/2003 and have a UPnP enabled router, you can use this to forward ports automatically. This is considered a security risk by some, however. If NAT error does not disappear, make sure your firewall is not blocking incoming connections for µTorrent.

What ports should I use for µTorrent?

It is generally recommended to not use any port in the range 6881-6889. µTorrent only uses one port, however, so you only need to forward one. It is best to use a port number above 10000.

How do I change the port µTorrent uses?

Open the Options, click Network Options. You can change the port in the box next to "Port used for incoming connections." However, it takes a restart of µTorrent to take effect. Make sure you do not run two clients with the same port!

What does listen error mean?

It means that the port you set for µTorrent is being used by another application, most likely another BitTorrent client. If you don't use any besides µTorrent, close it, wait 5-10 seconds, and open it again. If the error will still not go away, try another port.

Does µTorrent support proxies?

Yes. Open the options and go to Other Options. It supports Socks4, Socks5, Http Connect, and HTTP proxies. However, it does not support authentication.

Does µTorrent have a scheduler to limit download and upload speeds?

Yes, in the options. It allows you to set an upload/download speed, and set it to Limit, go full speed, or stop torrents altogether by the hour/day.

How can I make µTorrent use a different upload speed when seeding?

Open the options, go to Network Options, check "Alternate upload rate when not downloading", and write in the value you would like in the box.

How can I make µTorrent report a different IP to the tracker? I'm behind a proxy and need this function.

Go to Network Options and put in the value in the box next to "IP to report to tracker." It supports numerical values only, not hosts. This function is NOT for when you are behind a NAT, the tracker can automatically determine your IP in that case. It's only when your WAN IP (as in, the actual internet connection's IP) is different from what the tracker sees. However, some trackers WILL ignore this value, so it may not help you at all.

How can I change the number of active torrents/downloads?

Open the options, go to Torrent Options, and change the values for "Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download)" and "Maximum number of active downloads"


I found a bug, what do I do?

Try to see if the bug is reproducible. Go to the uTorrent forums, search the "Found Bugs" forum to make sure your bug wasn't found already. If it wasn't already reported, register and post it with instructions on how to reproduce it.

My question isn't answered here / I wanna request a feature, is there somewhere I can go?

You can get support in the uTorrent forums and request features, but please search the forums to make sure your problem wasn't already answered or that your feature wasn't already requested. You're far more likely to get a good response this way, else you may just get told to search the forums and have your thread locked.

Does µTorrent work on a 486 with Windows 95 and 14MB of RAM?

Yes, so long as you apply the Winsock2 update.

Why is my torrent stuck at a certain percent?

See What does availability mean?

Why doesn't µTorrent report me as a seeder when selectively downloading?

By definition, a seeder is a peer with all the files fully completed. It would be incorrect for uTorrent to report you as a seeder if you didn't download some of the files. However, it does not disconnect from seeders when you finish downloading the files you select, which may change in the future.

Why do the up/down buttons not move the torrent?

The up/down buttons only change the queue order for torrents that are downloading. They do not actually move the torrents up and down in the list.

Why does µTorrent create files I set to "Don't Download?"

Turn on diskio.use_partfile in Advanced Options and it shouldn't create them anymore.

Does DHT mean my torrents from private trackers are getting leaked?

So long as the torrents are created with the private flag (µTorrent, Azureus, and BitComet support this functionality in their torrent creators), DHT will be disabled automatically for that torrent. You can verify this by double clicking on the torrent: if "Enable DHT" is greyed out, it's disabled for that torrent.

If you need a stand-alone application to do this, DWKnight's TorrentBuild can create torrents with the private flag, as well as many other functions. If you need to add the private flag to pre-existing torrents, DWKnight's Torrent Private Flag Adder can add it. Be warned that this will change the infohash of the torrent.

Both of these apps need the .NET Framework.

I don't want DHT on anyway, how do I turn it off?

Open the options, go to Torrent Options, and uncheck "Enable DHT." This will turn off DHT for ALL torrents. Alternatively, you can disable it on a per-torrent basis: double click the torrent or right click and select properties, then uncheck "Enable DHT."

Can you implement password locking?

No, this feature is not being considered. If you need to lock uTorrent, use the built-in computer locking feature for 2k/XP/2003.

What do all those settings in Advanced Options do?

  • tray.show_in_tray makes µTorrent show up in the System Tray when you close the main window.
  • tray.single_click makes µTorrent open from the tray with only a single click.
  • gui.ulrate/dlrate_menu allows you to change the values in the right click menu for Upload and Download values on the status bar.
  • gui.persistent_labels makes labels that don't disappear when they are unused by any torrent. Use | as a separator for more than one label.
  • net.bind_ip makes µTorrent use a specific LAN adapter.
  • net.low_cpu reduces CPU use slightly. If you download very fast, you might get better speeds by turning this off.
  • net.max_halfopen is how many connection attempts µTorrent will make at any one time. This value must NEVER be higher than 8 for unpatched Windows XP SP2 systems!
  • ipfilter enables or disables the use of ipfilter.dat
  • queue.dont_count_slow_dl/ul makes µTorrent not count torrents going less than 1KiB/s up or down towards your active torrents.
  • queue.prio_no_seeds prioritizes torrents that have no seeds when seeding.
  • peer.lazy_bitfield helps bypass some ISPs that interfere with seeding. This may not always work.
  • peer.resolve_country makes µTorrent use a DNSBL service to resolve flags. This CANNOT be used in conjunction with a flags.conf!
  • diskio.flush_files makes µTorrent close file handles every minute. This helps reduce the effect of Windows managing the system cache badly.
  • diskio.sparse_files is a function available only on drives partitioned as NTFS (2k/XP/2003). When this is turned on, files will only allocate what data they have written. However, this does increase fragmentation, but it will save space while you are downloading files.
  • diskio.write_queue_size defaults to -1, which is automatic queue management. µTorrent will automatically adjust the queue size based on your download speed. If you would like to adjust this value manually, set it 2 to 4 times your maximum download speed in kilobytes, but never going below 1000, or above 32768.
  • diskio.use_partfile is used to store data that is downloaded of files that you marked as "Do not download." This is necessary to prevent the entire file from being allocated. It stores the parts of the files that come with a piece, since µTorrent must download and save the entire piece, which can include files you didn't want to download.
  • diskio.coalesce_writes tries to minimize the number of calls to WriteFile. It doesn't have any effect at all on download speed, but it might cause marginally less disk writes (at the expense of more memory / CPU).

What is ipfilter.dat?

This is a simple text file that specifies IP ranges to block. The format is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

Do not pad IPs with 0s to ensure that it will work (i.e., write not, though it is reported to work anyway.

What is flags.conf?

It is a simple text file that specifies flag order (necessary when using either µTorrent's internal flag list or your own flags.bmp) and maps hosts to specific countries. You can only map .net and .com domains to a country. The format is domain.com|CC (CC being country code). You can use this flags.conf, created by chaosblade, Firon and other members of the IRC channel and forums, to modify or simply use (last updated 11/12/05). Press Ctrl Shift R to make uTorrent load it without restarting. Place it in %AppData%\uTorrent for it to work.

What is DHT?

DHT (Distributed Hash Table, technical explanation) is an addition to certain BitTorrent clients that allows them to work without a tracker. What this means is that your client will be able to find peers even when the tracker is down, or doesn't even exist anymore. It allows the swarm to continue as normal without a tracker. You can also host torrents without a tracker, though µTorrent doesn't support creating trackerless torrents yet properly. (see Does µTorrent support trackerless torrents?).

µTorrent's DHT implementation is the same as Mainline and BitComet's, but unfortunately this is incompatible with Azureus's implementation.

Who makes µTorrent?

Ludvig Strigeus (ludde) is the author and maintainer of µTorrent.

Serge Paquet (vurlix) maintains the website, forums, and is working on the Mac version of µTorrent.

How can µTorrent be so small and so fast?

µTorrent is programmed in C++ using custom libraries. It is then compressed with PECompact to bring the size down by about 50%.

How do you write µ?

If you're using English-International, or most other international IMEs, as your keyboard setting (but not EN-US), press AltGr M, or Ctrl Alt M. Alternatively, you can press Alt 0181 (on the numpad), which works on ALL IMEs and regions.

How/where can I get the latest µTorrent beta?

If you have to ask, you can't get it. :)